Violin Woman

₹ 1,960.00

In an elaborate dress and head gear of leaves and flowers and grand jewellery this lady makes quite an impact as she plays her violin. This dramatic piece of craft is made using the lost wax method and is called Dhokra craft made in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. A land famous for its craftsmanship of artefacts and intricate silver jewellery. And of course exquisite handloom fabric. Easy to maintain, you only need to wash it with tamarind pulp or use a cleaning solution for brassware for a shine. Or quite simply use a soft cloth to wipe it clean and let it take on the dull antique patina that gives it a very traditional look! Just place it on a side table or in a cluster of small potted plants to give it a very rustic appeal. Size - 8.5 inches high

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