Tabla Woman

₹ 1,700.00

The tabla here is played by a tribal woman wearing traditional clothes as it is worn in the community. Note the arm bands and anklets and her nimble fingers on the tabla/drum. Note the detailing carefully etched to depict hair and her clothes. Dhokra craft is an ancient tribal craft from Orissa, Eastern India made using the lost wax method. You will come across figures of humans and animals that were commonly found there. You will find them in traditional gear painstakingly hand crafted and etched on wax and then molten brass is used for the final look. Very easy to take care, all you need to do is wash using tamarind pulp to give it that classy lustre or any solution for brassware for that shine. Or merely dust it with a clean soft cloth and let it take on that dull antique patina that is so traditional. Size - 8.5 inches high

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