Litchi Honey Organic

₹ 499.00

Direct from the litchi orchards of Himalayan Region, this 100% normal, pure, natural, light and buttery with a melt-in-the-mouth flavor that is pure litchi fruit. Its light buttery and distinctive flavor creates it an enormous adding to buttered toast, breakfast cereal and light tea. Benefits of Honey: 1. Liver problems 2. Stomach ulcers 3. Respiratory infections 4. Diseases resulting from malnutrition 5. Digestive problems, constipation 6. Eye diseases 7. Infected wounds and burns, surgical wounds 8. Promote speedy recovery after childbirth 9. Facilitates menstruation 10. In combination with various herbs can be used against epilepsy 11. Strengthened the immune systems 12. Promotes general health and vitality. Weight: 500g

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