Eco-Friendly Travel Kit

₹ 370.00

Let us all move together to get the menace of wasteful plastic out of the way. Did you know that in the USA alone approximately 850 million toothbrushes end up in the landfill every year after use? Isn't that utterly wasteful? And to top it all plastic straws and ear buds that get disposed up in the millions every day! Let us move over to Bamboo - an extremely sustainable material found in plenty and easily grown and quickly grown too. In this eco friendly travel kit made of recycled cardboard, you will find all that you need to carry while travelling. A bamboo toothbrush, a few bamboo earbuds with cotton heads, a bamboo straw and a cleaning brush for the straw to enable you to reuse it easily! The bamboo toothbrush comes with corn fibre bristles keeping it totally eco friendly. Use it and throw it like a regular toothbrush once it wears off without the worry of it clogging Mother Earth! A great initiative - and a must have - let us do our bit for a cleaner environment In the box you will find - 1. Bamboo Toothbrush - 1 2. Bamboo Comb - 1 3. Bamboo Pen - 1 4. Bamboo Straw - 1 5. Bamboo Straw Cleaner - 1 6 Bamboo Earbuds - 5

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