Earrings - Turquoise

₹ 850.00

Exquisitely handcrafted danglers made by crafting wood with exquisite Kerala Mural Art. These earrings are hand painted with minute detailing. Material: Bamboo, Brass Beads, paint Dimensions: 2.5 inches long Weight: 30 g Disclaimer All products are made by designers and are genuine in their claim of their intrinsic materials, used for making. Each variant is hand made and hence unique. Actual colours can be slightly different than shown in pictures. Product Care Store in a dry place wrapped in muslin or soft cotton with moisture trapping agents. Avoid washing directly under water, though wiping with a moist paper towel and air drying before storing is recommended. Always check for any reactions upon wearing jewellery directly on an exposed area. The reactions vary largely from person to person.

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