DIY Chittara Painting Kit

₹ 270.00

In the forests of Karnataka in South India there lives a tribe called Deewaru. These tribals have a beautiful art form called Chittara. This form of art brings together music, painting and lifestyle. The mud walls of their huts were painted on special occasions and always only by women! Formed of lines and geometric patterns, the art showcases their daily lives in the village, special ceremonies, the birds and animals and the toys and everything around them. Only natural colours were used traditionally - so the white was derived from rice paste, red from red stone and black from burnt rice if you please and yellow from the seeds of the gurige tree! The brushes were made from the fibres of the Pundi plant! Isn't it so fascinating? These DIY kits are perfect for all ages - you just need to get painting! In this box you will find - 3 packets of coloured sand 1 brush made of bamboo fibre Glue tubes 5 templates of nested birds, hen and rooster, a palanquin, a tulsi plant and a prayer posture Chittara painting leaflet 2 bookmarks 2 gift tags Go ahead open this treasure trove of art and craft and go back to the beauty of traditional art!

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