Colour Me Jigsaw Puzzle - Madhubani Painting of Bihar

₹ 440.00

It is a jigsaw puzzle and it is Indian art and it is fun. All rolled into one. So here is a box of fun with a Madhubani painting from Bihar. The puzzle is what you see on the cover of the box, a painting done by Baua Devi of a peacock. And what is the game all about? The side which is coloured is the jigsaw - go ahead and make the whole peacock. The reverse side however has only the outlines of the same painting. So once you are done with the puzzle, flip it over and colour it in according to the picture. A perfect way to introduce children to Indian art and craft in a fun way. It is engaging and challenging too. Perfect for ages 5 and upwards What you will find in this box is - Two sided puzzle of 9" x 14" Soft wood colour pencils in 10 different shades And lots of fun!

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