Beige Speckled Pashmina Stole

₹ 8,520.00

Pashmina is fine Cashmere wool woven in Kashmir. 'Pashmina' which means "made from wool" in Persian can be loosely translated to mean "soft gold" in Kashmiri. The Pashmina goat from Ladakh has the softest wool which is combed out during shedding season. This is hand-spun and then hand-woven the luxurious piece of fabric you see here. The warmth of the Pashmina is immense and can keep you cosy even in low temperatures! Did you know that the time taken to create a beauty like this, from start to finish, is approximately 180 hours? Often today people mix pashmina with regular wool or silk, or sometimes even worse - synthetic. At Cannanore Shop we take great care to ensure that our craftsmen provide us with only the purest Pashminas. This stole can be worn by both men and women. It is woven in the ikat style, making it a true blend of North and South Indian craft. Size - 80" by 28" (approx)

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