Basket - Kauna Grass

Basket - Kauna Grass With Handle

₹ 400.00

Kauna grass baskets brought all the way from Agartala are now available at The Cannanore Shop in different shapes and sizes. Each one special and crafted to be beautiful and useful. Isn't that important? Kauna grass being very pliable is easily woven into attractive baskets and mats which are as utilitarian as they are good looking and long lasting and sturdy. The baskets you see here can quite easily be used for plants as well as in the kitchen for fruits and vegetables on the counter. Or if you so desire, use them to keep those small things like peelers and openers and knife sharpeners that keep disappearing!! The Kauna Grass baskets are easy to maintain. Don't go washing them please!! However, you can wipe them clean with a damp cloth and ensure it dries up well. The craft of designing baskets and mats of Kauna grass and bamboo and cane has ensured a sustained livelihood for many in the north east of India. This beautiful part of India is yet untouched and exotic and oh so bestowed with nature's bounty. Do visit and enjoy the stunning scenery and the very friendly people of the land. The weaving comes in different styles and each style is created with a purpose, whether to hold heavy products or wet clothes or vegetables that shouldn't spoil. And natural dyes are often used to give the product a dash of colour and style interspersed with the natural colour. Kauna grass products are indeed worth a glance and more! Bring them home and help sustain the weavers and their livelihood - and most importantly, let us keep tradition alive. Size - Height - 5 inches Width on top - 5 inches Width on the bottom - 4 inches Height including handle - 11 inches

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